Bike tours

From the classic walk to the beach, to the tour of Sulina along Canal 4 – Faleza, Sulina is somehow also an offer in terms of bicycle routes. If you are better prepared, both you and the bike, you can reach Letea by bike, or even further, to Periprava, with a few kilometers of push bike, between Letea and Periprava.

To the South you can reach Sf. Gheorghe, a 35 kilometer road, with the last 2-3 kilometers of push. For those determined, once a year, the Grand Tour of the Danube Delta is organized, on the route Tulcea-Periprava-Sulina-Sfântu Gheorghe-Portița-Tulcea, usually in May-June, an epic, unassisted tour that takes you on the roads , stone roads, dikes, forests, deserted beaches, a kind of cry of the last savages who still live their dream of freedom.

It is not a competition, several hundred kilometers of spectacular off-road are covered; where the road ends, push onto the beach, where the beach also ends, take a boat, the tour lasts 7 days.