Trips through the Delta – unforgettable experiences

Once you arrive in Sulina, you need to set aside at least three days to visit the Delta – locals recommend at least a week to see the surroundings.

The best time to visit the Delta is between May 15 and July 15, as all the vegetation is green and the water lilies are in full bloom. During the summer, tourists can additionally enjoy the wild beaches with fine sand and smooth entrance to the sea, perfect for families with children. Autumn is the ideal time to discover the history of the easternmost city of Romania, but also of the European Community, as well as a good opportunity to relax with a game of fishing.

As a small-town resident of the Delta, there isn’t much left to do. If in the 80s and 90s the fishing industry was flourishing and all the locals had jobs, now there are about 2,200 residents left who survive on tourism and agriculture. Nowadays, Sulina is a point of attraction for tourists from all over the world. They come here to see the uniqueness of the most beautiful Delta in the world.

The most interesting thing you can do in the Delta are boat trips from Sulina.

One of the most beautiful routes is the Cardon Canal – Bărbosu Canal – Grindul Șchiopu – Cardon Village – Pădurea Letea and the crossing through Musura Bay.

The Letea Forest is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful places in the country, because it is the only nature reserve in Europe where horses roam freely. The forest is located in the commune of C. A. Rosetti. This commune, surrounded only by water, is made up of five villages: C. A. Rosetti, Cardon, Letea, Periprava and Sfištofca.

In Letea there is also the forest of the same name, which is a protected area of national interest. It starts from the north of the village of Letea and extends over an area of over 5,200 hectares, of which 2,825 hectares fall into the category of strictly protected areas and has been in the attention of scientists since 1930, when it was placed under protection. Here is the only place in Europe where about 500 horses roam freely.