Letea Forest (Wild Horses)

The Letea Forest is located 23 km northwest of the city of Sulina and is a monument of nature, being the largest strict nature reserve in Europe. It has an area of 5247 ha and is located on the territory of the municipality of C.A. Rosetti in Tulcea county. Letea is the northernmost subtropical forest in Europe.

Located on Letea hill, it is not a compact forest, being made up of tussocks, located on and between sand dunes with shell fragments, with a maximum altitude of 14 meters; emblematic of the ancient oaks, the pine nursery, the free horses, the northern limit of the lianas and many hard-to-see birds.

In the village, we still find traditional blue-white houses wrapped in reeds, guesthouses with Delta cuisine, streets of twisted sand, and the walk in the forest usually takes place in horse-drawn carts, driven by locals.

Over 3,500 species of very rare plants and animals are found here, which the Letea Forest preserves very well.

Since 1930, half of the areas of the Letea Forest are strictly protected and protected areas, and 500 ha of the Hasmacul Mare area have been a Nature Reserve since 1938.

Horses at the Black Sea

Life in Letea