Vlaciu Travel

Vlaciu Travel (Excursions and boat transfer in Sulina and the Danube Delta)

With over 10 years of experience in transporting people in the Danube Delta, we are constantly improving the services offered. Our boats are new, efficient, fast, clean and comfortable. In addition to Tulcea – Sulina passenger transport services, we also organize trips in the Danube Delta, from trips of a few hours to one-day trips, with traditional meals.

Email: claudiuvlaciu@yahoo.com
Phone Number: +40 (0)752 833 440
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We speak Romanian / English / Russian!

Prices depend on the number of people and possibilities. Tourist packages and discounts will be made for groups. The displayed prices are for a minimum number of 5 people. The routes will be carried out with large and stable boats, covered, the benches and seats being upholstered, offering comfort and a relaxing atmosphere for our tourists.


Route: To Tulcea, Crișan, Sulina and Back
Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes

+40 (0)752 833 440

Morning route

Route: Safari + Letea Forest, Sand Dunes – Secular Oaks, Wild Horses – Lianes, Cardon Canal, Barbosu Canal with Water Lilies, Narrow Canal with Water Lilies – Cardon Village, Canal Among the Thistles, Exit to Musura Bay
Duration: 5 hours

+40 (0)752 833 440

Evening route

Route: The Danube Flowing into the Sea, the Old Lighthouse – the New Lighthouse, K Island with Birds, Visiting the Island and the Bird Colonies, Pelican Colonies, Cormorant-Egret-Stark Colonies, Crossing Musura Bay, Sunset
Duration: 2 hours

+40 (0)752 833 440

Mini Tour

Route: Cardon Canal, Barbosu Canal with Water Lilies, Narrow Canal with Water Lilies, Stopover/Visit Cardon village, Birds of Musura Bay, Exit to Musura Bay
Duration: 2 hours

+40 (0)752 833 440

Delta Full Tour

Route: The mouth of the Danube, the Black Sea, K Island with Birds, Colonies of Pelicans, Colonies of Cormorants, the Integral Crossing of Musura Bay – 17 km, the Canal among the Thistles, the Canal with White and Yellow Water Lilies, the Cardon Village – the Narrow Canal, the Cardon Canal
Duration: 3 hours

+40 (0)752 833 440

Lakes Rosu Rosulet route

Route: Mila 2 Canal, Busurca Canal with Water Lilies, Imputita Canal, Rosulet Lake, Red Lake, Crossing the Lakes, Lake Birds (Pelicans-Cormorants-Egrets-Swans), Balanova Bay – Coastal Canal, Visit Cherhana Rosu
Duration: 2 hours

+40 (0)752 833 440

The Saint Gheorghe route

Route: Sulina Arm, Mila 2 Canal, Busurca Imputita cu Feri Canal, Rosulet Lake, Red Lake-Birdwatching, Integral Crossing of the Lakes, Balanova Bay, Belt Canal – Coastline 20 km, Sfantu-Gheorghe Arm, Popas / Visiting the village of Sfantu-Gheorghe
Duration: 6 hours

+40 (0)752 833 440

We offer complete services at advantageous prices, with guides, in every crew with sofas, heating and back rest in every boat All Being classified in the Luxury category
Optionally, the traditional fish meal can be organized upon request
The safari car in Padurea Letea can be provided on request and is also paid for separately
We only work with locals who are also professional guides. We have 5 boats and a capacity of 100 people