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Saint Alexander and Saint Nicholas Cathedral

The Delta Cathedral, dedicated to St. Nicholas and St. Alexander, is a building of King Carol I and was built in honor of the liberation of Dobrogea from Turkish rule. The foundation stone was laid on October 31, 1910, but it was completed in 1982, on September 5.

The cathedral is a project of the architect Nicolae C. Mihaiescu and is built in neo-Romanian style, the edifice has a triconic plan, the shape of a cross with 3 towers. The roof of the church has 7 crosses and the exterior facade is made of Venetian mosaic with Murano glass.

Interior pictures

The Greek Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas or the Cathedral

The construction was started in 1866, on October 14, by the Greek community present in Sulina at that time, with a decree from Sultan Abdul Azis. A year later, the construction of the church was finished according to the marble slab at the entrance.

After the Second World War, due to the establishment of the communist regime in Romania, many members of the Greek community left for Hellas and the holy place was donated to the Romanians.

Old Rite Church of Saints Peter and Paul

This church was built between 1991-1995. The consecration took place on July 12, 1995. It is the church of the Russian-Lipovian parishioners who do not enter the church with a traditional dress, women are not allowed with their heads uncovered or wearing trousers.

The Roman Catholic Church of St. Nicolae

It was built with the support of the Italian community from Sulina, made with Malta stone and brick and the 3 bells are made of bronze and date from 1863, the year in which the church was consecrated.

Until 1970, services in the church were in Latin, after that they were held in Romanian.