How do we get to Sulina?

Sulina is not directly connected to the Romanian road network and can only be reached by water, either on the Danube or the Black Sea. The proposed starting point is the port of Tulcea.

You can park in the guarded parking lot in Tulcea Portaval (Str. Intrarea Marmurei, no. 3) or in the parking lot in front of the House of Unions (Str. Isaccei). We recommend calling for reservations, ask for the boarding pontoon.

For water transport you have the following options:

Race with the Navrom Delta passenger fleet, daily boarding at 1:30 p.m. Tickets can also be bought online. For details, visit the page

Speedboat racing. Reservations are made by phone.

Once you arrive in Sulina, you can choose from the following local transport methods:
• boat transport
• local public transport – consult the list of maxi-taxi stations at
• taxi
• bicycle rental – there are two bicycle rental points on the seafront.