Sulina – a beautiful town in the Danube Delta

Sulina, a small, fishing town, is located in Tulcea County and is the town located at the lowest average altitude in Romania, stretching along the Danube at a distance of approximately 1 km from the Black Sea coast. It is one of the oldest settlements in our country, about 1300 years old.

A port on the Danube and the Black Sea, Sulina is not directly connected to the road network in Romania, as it is located between waters, so it can only be reached by sea, either on the Danube or the Black Sea.

The surroundings of the city are formed by sandy soils, furrowed by canals and in the dry and salty areas, the vegetation is specific to the dunes. In the marshy areas, sedge, reed, water mint or white water lily predominate, but less often.

In the Sulina spa resort there were over a hundred shops, three windmills, a water plant, an electric plant, a theater, the Camberi Hotel, a landscaped beach, a casino. Greeks, Romanians, Russians, Armenians, Turks, Austro-Hungarians, Jews, Germans, English, Tatars, Serbs, French, Egyptians, Danes, Indians, Gagauz, Lipovans, Poles, Bulgarians lived here.

The ethnic groups created their own schools in addition to the places of worship, with teaching in Romanian, Greek, Italian, French, as well as vocational schools.