Kayak tours through the Danube Delta

From introductory kayaking lessons and short 3 hour tours, to longer tours of 5-6 hours. For those who have passed these levels and want more, tours of 2-3 days with camping, until the final exam, the Tulcea – Sulina trip, 5 days through the wilderness, through places with resonance such as Şontea, Bălcanestii Mari, Mila 23 , Lopatna, Suez or Sidor. They spend the night with the fishermen, they eat fish borscht made by them, with sometimes obligatory distances, because you have nowhere to pitch your tent, if you don’t arrive, with a fire with stories in the evening, to the buzzing of mosquitoes and the song of jackals, a sat down with a glass of strength, that pleasant fatigue after an exhausting day, when the sleeping bag calls you, but as if you don’t want to let the day end, you stretch out on it with fatigue friends.

Behind the commercial Delta is another one, that of those who want to discover it, listen, see, feel, in the silence of their fatigue and sweat.

A fun, useful and eco-friendly family activity suitable for the land between the waters is kayaking. It is ONLY done under the supervision of specialized guides, wearing a life jacket, being helpful to those who see kayaking as something very dangerous. You will see that it is simple, if you follow a few rules, but above all, it will give you the opportunity to dare to sign up for the trips that cover real routes around Sulina.