Sulina cemetery

The cemetery in Sulina is a set of funerary monuments that includes: the Christian cemetery, the CED cemetery, the Orthodox cemetery, the Orthodox cemetery of the old-Lipovian rite, the cemetery of the Western European churches), the cemetery of the Western European churches, the Muslim cemetery and the Jewish cemetery.

It is full of legends and personalities, being known for its history, over time personalities of different ethnicities have been buried here who have created a story and an unmissable tourist attraction around Sulina.

It all started with the creation of the European Commission of the Danube, which established this cemetery, although there was one at that time, but the large number of foreign citizens from dozens of countries registered in Sulina determined the establishment of the Multi-Ethnic Cemetery.

Thus, here you can visit the funeral monument of the only pirate in Europe, Kantoguris, of princess Ecaterina Moruzi, the granddaughter of voivode Ioan Sturza, who apparently came to Sulina because she fell in love with an officer and many others.

William Simson, the colleague and best friend of the chief engineer of the European Commission of the Danube, Charles Augustus Hartley, who contributed to the realization of the new architecture of the Danube, is also buried here.