The lighthouses of Sulina

There are 2 very well-known and visible lighthouses in Sulina, the Fechi or Batran Lighthouse and the New Lighthouse.

The Old Lighthouse, completed in 1870 (the Sulina European Commission Lighthouse) has a height of 17 m and was built to warn ships approaching the port at night, being one of the 7 lighthouses that ensured navigation in the coastal area. It is available to tourists for visits and can be reached inside with the help of a metal ladder. Here you can enjoy the superb view over Sulina.

The new Sulina lighthouse is higher, having a height of 48 m, and this light can be seen from a distance of 19 nautical miles (30 km). It was put into operation in 1983 and is managed by the Romanian Naval Forces, which ensures navigation in the area of the Romanian coast, being equipped with active radar reflectors.

Also here we find the twin lighthouses (11 m, respectively 13 m), one located on the left bank of the Danube, and the other on the right bank. These are out of use today, but they offer a special beauty to the place.