It starts at Mila 2 and next to the typical blue and green houses, the path is dotted with new buildings (mostly hotels and lodgings) until you reach the old city center.

You can also meet horses right in the city, which do not belong to anyone and roam freely as they please.

The Sulina embankment or the Danube embankment is approximately 5 km long and offers a rustic and special landscape where you can see how the fishermen with their arms full of fresh fish come to their houses in the quiet of the evening.

Along the Danube on the embankment you can admire the ruins of the city, the boats or cargo ships that pass on the water, the beautifully landscaped terraces where tourists enjoy local dishes in a relaxing atmosphere, far from everyday life.

On the right side of the Danube, the side of the cliff, in the evening the city lights are red, and on the other side of the Danube it is green, thus these colors also help ships to navigate more easily.