Overview of our Facebook posts: August 2023

Sulina | Danube Delta | Black Sea and the Beach 😍😍🇷🇴

(16 August 2023)

Swans in the Danube Delta 😍😍🇷🇴

(15 August 2023)


The old lighthouse of Sulina 😍😍🇷🇴

(15 August 2023)

Return to Sulina from a trip to Letea and the Letea forest

(14 August 2023)

The picture (end of September 2022) shows the exit from the canal into the Danube 🥰

Black Sea Sunrise, Danube Estuary, Sulina | Black Sea Sunrise, Danube Estuary, Sulina 😍😍🇷🇴

(14 August 2023)

Sulina … the beach on the Black Sea awaits 😍😍🇷🇴

(13 August 2023)

Only about 2 km away from Sulina, past the town’s historic cemetery, lies the Black Sea beach. It’s time to discover Sulina 🥰

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