Overview of our Facebook posts: April 2023

Sulina… and the Black Sea 😍😍🇷🇴

(30 April 2023 / Picture: 30.09.2022)

The city of Sulina in the delta of the Danube is not connected to the Romanian road network and can only be reached by water with private boats and passenger ships.

It is located at the easternmost point of Romania, in the Tulcea district directly at the Black Sea.

The wild horses of … Sulina 😍😍

(29 April 2023)

The wild horses in the Danube Delta are famous and … you can also find them right in the town of Sulina, almost close enough to touch ☺️

Historical documents prove that the ancestors of today’s horse population in the Danube Delta came there 300 to 400 years ago by the Tatars, became native there and became more and more feral.

These horses can be found between the Chilia and Sulina river arms, in the Letea forest (Romanian Padurea Letea, which covers an area of over 5,000 hectares (50,000,000 m2)), but also in and around the city of Sulina.

The cemetery in Sulina

(28 April 2023)

The cemetery in Sulina is a series of burial monuments, which include: the Christian cemetery, the CED cemetery, the Orthodox cemetery, the Orthodox cemetery of the Old Lipovian rite, the cemetery of the Western European churches, the Muslim cemetery and the Jewish cemetery.

More about: https://discover-sulina.com/en/sulina-cemetery/

Visit to the Museum of History in / from Sulina 😍😍

(27 April 2023)



Pension Bibanul Literat, Sulina 😍😍

(25 April 2023)

Pension Bibanul Literat is located in the town of Sulina in the Danube delta and the Black Sea. Located near the beach, ideal for relaxing, it invites you to discover Sulina and its surroundings. The rooms have a double bed, bathroom, TV and air conditioning.

🇩🇪 https://discover-sulina.com/bibanul-literat-de/
🇬🇧 https://discover-sulina.com/en/bibanul-literat-en/
🇷🇴 https://discover-sulina.com/ro/bibanul-literat/

Vlaciu Travel, Sulina 😍😍🚤

(25 April 2023)

Boat transfer to Sulina and excursions in the Danube Delta

🇩🇪 https://discover-sulina.com/vlaciu-travel-de/
🇬🇧 https://discover-sulina.com/en/vlaciu-travel-en/
🇷🇴 https://discover-sulina.com/ro/vlaciu-travel/

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