People and life in the Danube Delta

(7 February 2024)

People in the Danube Delta. In addition to the many tourist offers, resorts, tours and more, there are also the people … the people who have lived in the Danube Delta for decades / centuries and who contribute to the charm and flair of the Danube Delta as well as the wonderful flora and fauna of this region.

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We would like to thank the photographer Sorin Onisor ( ) for the permission to use this picture.

Sulina | Danube Delta | Black Sea

(4 February 2024)

Wonderful pictures from the beach of Sulina, the lonely town on the Black Sea.

The town of Sulina lies at the mouth of the Danube and at the same time on the Black Sea. It is not connected to the Romanian road network and can only be reached by ship or boat

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