Overview of our Facebook posts: September 2023

Sulina | Danube Delta | Black Sea

(17 September 2023)

A wonderful time in September and October, neither too hot nor too cold, with wonderful sunrises and sunsets.

Marvelous Danube Delta

(17 September 2023)

Sulina … shore promenade

(16 September 2023 / Pictures: September 2022)

About five (5) km long is the faleza (shore promenade) of Sulina. It starts at Mila 2 and next to the typical blue and green colored houses, the path is punctuated by new buildings (mostly hotels and lodgings) until you reach the old core of the city.

You can also come across horses right in the city, which do not belong to anyone and roam freely as they please. There are few cars (because they have to be brought to Sulina by ship), the clocks are slower here… and that’s a good thing!

Black Sea Sunrise, Danube Estuary, Sulina

(16 September 2023)

Danube Delta, Danube Estuary

(15 September 2023)

Danube Delta | Sulina

(13 September 2023)

Especially September and October is perfect for tours and boat trips in the Danube Delta or for a visit to Sulina.

Currently, the daytime temperatures in the late afternoon are still close to 30 degrees, but the evenings or mornings are already significantly cooler (around 18 degrees). A perfect time.

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